Dumpster Sizes

Not sure which size is going to fit the task at hand? Don’t sweat it, we can lend a hand. Our company has worked extensively with a whole variety of different customers in the D.C. area. You can find our roll-off dumpsters being used by professional roofers, builders, remodelers, renovators, and even demolition crews throughout the Beltway. But our dumpsters aren’t just for contractors. Homeowners and commercial property managers make great use of our waste containers every day to help keep their property neat and tidy. Just take a look around some of Washington’s suburbs and you’ll see our containers parked in driveways and parking lots all over the region, from Montgomery County down to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

Washington D.C. Dumpster Rental Sizes
Size Dimensions Additional Fees Pricing
10 Yard 10 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 4 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 202-629-0989
15 Yard 14 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 4 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 202-629-0989
20 Yard 22 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 4 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 202-629-0989
30 Yard 22 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 7 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 202-629-0989

Ordering a Dumpster in 3..2..1

  • To order your dumpster simply pick up the phone and dial 202-629-0989
  • This will put you in touch with one of our professional service representatives
  • You can ask them for a size suggestion, as well as disposal advice that’s tailored to your project
  • The average customer spends less than five minutes placing their order!
  • Need more than one dumpster? No problem! We can add multiple bins to one order

So what size is going to work best for your particular disposal problem? Well, here’s a quick rundown of each trash container we provide. First, we have the light and sporty 10 yard dumpster which is great for anyone with a small amount of debris and a short driveway. Its dimensions map out at a quaint 10 feet by 8 feet by 3.5 feet. It definitely should not be used for large remodels or building projects, but for common cleanup purposes it is a perfect fit. Residential customers typically rent this size bin for emptying out their attics or basements; any part of the home that has more than its fair share of junk in it. There is also a 15 yard container that provides a nice middle ground between our smallest size and our medium size option.

Going straight on down the line, we have the 20 yard dumpster. This is a mid-range unit with a lot more space for you to use. It has a length of 22 feet, a width of 8, and is 4 feet tall. Bigger dimensions give you twice the hauling capacity of our smaller dumpster. This size can haul up to 3 tons or 6,000 lbs. of debris from households or build sites. It’s great for all kinds of demanding jobs, from real estate developments to renovating older homes. It can be easily placed in just about any average sized driveway. Residential customers who have ordered this size container have used it for a variety of things, including cleaning out a relative’s home or remodeling a portion of their own home.

The largest size we carry, the 30 yarder, is built for projects with very demanding disposal needs. Many contractors in all sorts of trades utilize this size to hold rubble and other common debris from job sites. This dumpster can accommodate 4 tons or 8,000 lbs. of debris in one pickup. Its large volume makes it an ideal size for any big project, whether its construction or home improvement. Just let us know what kind of project you are working on and we’ll make sure that the dumpster you choose is the perfect fit for your disposal!